“How do we create the next generation of innovators? By telling the stories of young creators, and by taking us inside cutting-edge programs, Wagner shows that the answer isn’t to double-down on outmoded, formulaic solutions–but to embrace the principles of play, passion, and purpose. Creating Innovators is important reading for anyone concerned about the future.”

–Daniel H. Pink, author of Drive and A Whole New Mind

“If you are an educator, a parent of a child struggling with conventional education, or an employer looking to have a pipeline of creative talent, then read this book, take note of the ideas and play your part in creating the change we must make happen.”

–Tim Brown, CEO of IDEO

A pioneering and invaluable work about what it really takes to build innovation capability in society – by planting and cultivating innovators, one person at a time.

–John Kao, Chairman, Institute for Large Scale innovation and author of Innovation Nation

Many have written about the paucity of innovation in America. Others have chronicled our schools’ struggles to improve on dimensions of skills that matter. In this book, Wagner has positioned himself astride these critical challenges in a way that clarifies what we must do to address these problems, and how we can do it – making this a must-read for anyone interested in the education of our nation.

–Clayton Christensen, Professor, Harvard Business School, and author, Disrupting Class.

In the equation of world success, superior innovation is the only factor that can keep America #1.  Two passionate citizens, innovators in their own right, have produced a compelling prescription for our time.  Read it, watch it, and spread the word.

–Mitch Daniels, Governor, State of Indiana

In my life I have met and worked with individuals who help create the world they live in—innovators. Their lives are so much more fulfilling than people who live in a world of someone else’s creation. This book, in a clear, tangible way, explores how to help young people access skills of innovation and lead richer lives.”

–Brad Anderson, former CEO, Best Buy Corporation

“To combat the competitive threat from economies like Brazil, Russia, India and China, we must develop empowered entrepreneurs and innovators. Creating Innovators is a masterful work that shows us how.  Tony Wagner’s case studies reveal more about these fine innovators than he may have realized.  World leaders, business executives, educators, policy makers and parents, take note!”

–Dr. Annmarie Neal Founder — Center for Leadership Innovation and Former Chief Talent Officer, Cisco Systems

“This is the best book on creating entrepreneurs that I have ever read. Tony Wagner nails the future, and shows what it looks like today.”

–Michael Fullan, Professor Emeritus, OISE/University of Toronto

“In just the click of a mouse, we left the Industrial Age for the Information Age. Now just as quickly, we find ourselves in a new age of our society and economy; the “Innovation Age.” Tony Wagner and Bob Compton have provided a powerful tool for parents, educators and students seeking success in this new society and economy.  In short, innovation must be taught if our children are to be competitive in a global economy.  To meet this need, educators must see what an innovative education looks like.”

–Dr. Tony Bennett, Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction

The 21st Century will be global, dynamic, and fiercely competitive.  In Creating Innovators, Tony Wagner offers an indispensable guide to US education and economic strategy.  Unless young Americans can create their own jobs, they face the prospect of limited economic opportunity.  In delving into remarkable initiatives that foster innovation and deep learning, Mr. Wagner shows the way forward for our entire education system — and offers hope that the US can retain global economic leadership in the 21st Century.  This book is a must for every parent, teacher, administrator, and policy-maker in our country.

–Ted Dintersmith, Partner Emeritus, Charles River Ventures



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