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Tony will be periodically blogging about some of the research for his new book, responses to The Finland Phenomenon, and other contempory issues related to education and society.

Tony’s Blog, “What Does It Mean To Be a Change Leader in Education,” posted

You can read it at the website here. It is also posted in the articles section of this website.

My Reply to Comments on My Wall Street Journal Essay…

I recently published an essay in the Wall Street Journal, which you will find in the Articles section of this website, as well.  Without my knowledge or permission, the editors of the Journal gave it the title, “Educating The Next Steve Jobs.”  Unfortunately, many of the resulting comments centered around Jobs’ More >

“Creating Innovators” — as seen through the eyes of a 14-year old Thai student…

I recently had the pleasure of visiting a fascinating new school, called Think Global, founded by visionary educator Joann McPike and her husband. While there, I was asked to give a presentation to the school community and to the PTIS International School community, which is hosting Think Global this semester in More >

Creating Innovators – new book themes

This blog of mine was recently published as a part of an online Boston Magazine series about how to fix higher education.  The full series can be viewed here

Boston-area college students increasingly see their classes as a minor nuisance and rarely the place where their most important learning happens. As David Sengeh, More >

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