Rigor Redefined

Even our “best” schools are failing to prepare students for 21st-century careers and citizenship. © Tony Wagner, 2008 (first published in Educational Leadership, October, 2008) In the new global economy, with many jobs being either automated or “off-shored,” what skills

Leading for Change

Five ‘Habits of Mind’ That Count © Tony Wagner, 2008 (first Published in Education Week, August 14, 2007) There are many things we do right as educators—most notably, working hard to make a difference in the lives of children, despite

Rigor on Trial

© Tony Wagner, 2006 (first published in Education Week, January 11, 2006) Rigor, it seems, is the new reform de jour. As a nation, we appear to have come to a consensus that all children deserve a “challenging and rigorous”

Beyond Testing

The 7 Disciplines For Strengthening Instruction © Tony Wagner, 2003 (first published in Education Week, November 11, 2003) With the new requirements of the No Child Left Behind Act, and high-stakes accountability tests now in nearly every state, education leaders

Secondary School Change

Meeting challenge with the three R’s of reinvention. © Tony Wagner, 2002 (first published in Education Week, November 27, 2002) Districts are making progress with elementary school reforms around the country. Fourth grade reading and math scores are up in

A Critical Fork in the Road

Written by Tony Wagner (co-authored by Tom Vander Ark) © Tony Wagner, 2001 (first published in Education Week, April 11, 2001) President Bush’s strong support for the goal of raising learning standards for all students and focusing additional resources on

Leadership for Learning

An Action Theory of School Change © Tony Wagner, 2001 (first published in the Phi Delta Kappan, January 2001) I have worked in education for 30 years—as a teacher, principal, teacher educator, and consultant and as head of several nonprofit